RSI Update December 5, 2019

The Rural Seniors' Initiative includes, in part, the following:

  • Program will start on Jan. 8/2020 and end on Feb. 26/2020
  • The program will deliver 7 prepared meals every week to 10 preselected locations. Meals will be delivered every Wednesday.
  • Home Care will consist of personnel providing 2 hours of cleaning at each location every 2 weeks. -Level of service to be announced-


Is there a cost to seniors?

No, not during the pilot program. Costs will be evaluated based on the results of the program.

What is it?

The Rural Seniors Initiative test pilot is a short term program, the purpose of which is to test the viability of a permanent seniors support system in rural areas, specifically Peace River electoral areas E and D.

Who is eligible?

Anyone 65 years and older who requests assistance and lives in Peace River Electoral Area D or E.

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