RSI January 22, 2020 Update

  • Approximately 230 meals are prepared and delivered each week, fom the Tate Creek and McLeod kitchens
  • The home cleaning crews are working hard and even the cold hasn't been a big issue.
  • Some location changes have been necessary but the adjustments have been made with little trouble.
  • Some troubleshooting with snow removal was necessary and it is now functioning smoothly.
  • Operational changes were expected and input for these changes came from a number of sources.
  • A local news article, about the trial, resulted in several inquiries from rural residences, in the region. Considerable demand for the services is apparent and the individuals with questions were quite supportive.
  • Input received from active participants in the trial, from both Tate Creek and McLeod, has been positive.
  • A group lunch is being considered at both McLeod and Tate Creek for the participants of the Rural Seniors Initiative. It will be an opportunity for those receiving the services to get together and give feedback, as well as ideas for improvements.